Le Siepi di Cervia set for prestigious Test Event

2 Elisa Baldazzi

The best of Italy’s equestrian world getting ready to invade the Le Siepi di Cervia riding centre from Friday 11 May to Sunday 13. The occasion is the Test Event for seniors, a fundamental test in view of the upcoming appointment at Piazza di Siena in Rome.
The Test Event usually takes place before major events, to evaluate the preparation and form of the horses. In this case in the viewfinder there is the prestigious appointment with Piazza di Siena, in at the end of May.
The scenic landscape of Siepi is one of the few grass events in Italy and therefore represents a unique opportunity to test the horses on the turf, and back this year, to the delight of many, is the prestigious capitoline kermesse.
And just to evaluate and select the pairs to bring to Rome will be present the federal technicians Duccio Bartalucci, selector for the Azzurri, and Marco Porro, head team of the second seniors.
After all, it is enough to scroll the names of almost 400 competitors to realize that it is a great occasion. Beginning with Mirco Casadei and his son Giacomo, who is still junior and will take to the field in the Fisw young horses, running parallel to the Test Event.
The list continues with Italian champions Natale Chiaudani and Emilio Bicocchi, for the Aeronautica Militare, Filippo Bologni, for the Arma dei Carabinieri, Andrea Campagnaro, Aldo Intagliata, Davide Kainich, Andrea Messersì, Paolo Paini, Marco Porro, Michele Previtali, Andrea Riffeser, Paolo Zuvadelli, Roberto Turchetto. Also confirmed are Francesca Arioldi, for the Air Force, Elisa Baldazzi and Valentina Interlenghi.
Horses and riders will compete over courses designed by field director Fabrizio Sonzogni and assisted by Giorgio Bernardi. It starts on Friday 11 May with the warm up of the young horses that will take place in the Mare Campo. For each of the three competition days there are twelve categories in the program, including the spectacular Grand Prix that will bring together the pairs on Sunday to challenge the hurdles of the remarkable height of a meter and a half.
Admission to the centre is free, for timetables and classifications you can consult the website: equiresults.com

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