Longines EEF Series Athens in June 2021 at Markopoulo!


Following the huge success of the Athens Equestrian Festival in July 2019, the Hellenic Equestrian Federation is organizing this year the “AEF 2021“, from 3 to 6 June, at the Olympic Equestrian Center in Markopoulo.
With confirmed entries of 185 rider and 241 horses from 13 countries, the show offers 153,000€ in total prize money and will include the Longines EEF Series Athens CSIO3 *-W, which is part of the recently launched Longines EEF Series 2021 under the auspices of the European Equestrian Federation – EEF.
The schedule of the Longines EEF Series Athens CSIO3 *-W features the Nations Cup Jumping competition on Sunday, June 6, serving as a Regional Qualifier for Region SOUTH of the Longines EEF Series 2021. Teams from 5 countries, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria, will compete for the rich prize money and the points on offer, aiming to qualify for the Longines EEF Series Semifinal in Budapest in early July and the Longines EEF Series Final in Warsaw in late July. Along with the team riders, top riders from Southern and Central Europe will take part in the various individual classes and the Grand Prix.
During its four days, the AEF 2021 will also host a CSIO Ch for the first time in Greece, where national teams of children from the Balkan countries will compete. In addition, the AEF 2021 will host a CSI1* and a CSIYH* competition, respectively, offering a variety of classes for Greek and international riders.
The AEF 2021 is a reality thanks to the valuable support of GRE NF sponsors, companies and organizations. They are led by the GRE NF National Sponsor MYTILINEOS – M and Protergia, energy provider. Along come a number of traditional and new sponsors supporting the equestrian sport and the AEF, such as Innovis Pharma Company with Nuxe products, Antoniou Group with Argus Pack, Adori café and Royalty Hotel & Suites, Stathis Enterprises with Theometrics and World Chariot Racing Federation, Eurobank, Leathertream company with Connolly products, Secranto, CoolVit vitamin water, Express Oil, Griffin, Superfast Ferries, Duxiana, Hertz, Sail La Vie, New Alert technical company, Architectophilia and the Hellenic Recycling Company.
AEF is supported also by the Attica Region, the Public Real Estate Company and the Municipality of Markopoulo.
The AEF 2021 will be run in compliance with strict Health & Safety Protocols against the spread of COVID-19 and, as a result, the event will not be open to the public. Only people with special accreditation shall be allowed to enter the facility.
All Athens CSIO3*-W classes will be streamed live online by https://www.clipmyhorse.tv/en_EU/
Communication Sponsor is the National TV, ERT. The two highlight classes, i.e. the Grand Prix competition on Friday 4/6 (17.00) and the Longines EEF Series Athens Nations Cup Jumping competition on Sunday 6/6 (16.00) will be broadcasted nationally through the live digital platform ERTFLIX https://www.ertflix.gr/.
Provisional Timetable
Athens Equestrian Festival 2021
Longines EEF Series Athens CSIO3*-W / CSI1* / CSIYH* / CSIOCh
3-6 June 2021
Thursday 3/6/2021
8:30    Competition 1        CSIYH1*    height 1.20/1.25m.
10:30     Competition 2     CSIO3*-W     height 1.30m.
12:00    Competition 3        CSIO3*-W     height 1.45m.
15:00    Competition 4        CSI1*        height 1.05m.
17:00    Competition 5        CSIOCh        height 1.10m.
Friday 4/6/2021
08:30     Competition 6        CSIO3*-W     height 1.35m.
10:30    Competition 7        CSI1*        height 1.10m.
12:30    Competition 8        CSI1*        height 1.20m.
14:00    Competition 9        CSIOCh        height 1.15m.
17:00    Competition 10 GP     CSIO3*-W     height 1.40-1.60m.
Saturday 5/6/2021
8:30    Competition 11    CSIYH1*    height 1.20/1.25m.
10:30    Competition 12    CSI1*        height 1.15m.
12:00    Competition 13    CSI1*        height 1.25m.
15:00    Competition 14    CSIO3*-W     height 1.40m.
17:00    Competition 15 NC      CSIOCh        height 1.15m.
Sunday 6/6/2021
9:00    Competition 16    CSIYH1*    height 1.25/1.30m.
11:00    Competition 17 GP     CSIOCh        height 1.20m.
13:00    Competition 18 GP    CSI1*        height 1.30m.
16:00    Competition 19 NC    CSIO3*-W    height  1.45m.
Press Office, AEF 2019 & HEF

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