Longines Tops International Arena: Unveiling the Spectacular 2024 Calendar

Longines tops international Arena

The 2024 Season promises unprecedented fun for the whole family with an extravaganza!The Longines Tops International Arena is thrilled to announce the jaw-dropping 2024 calendar with 7 unique events, promising an entertainment extravaganza like never before. Get ready to witness world-class equestrian talent, heart-stopping competitions, and a family-friendly theme that will transport you to a magical realm of excitement.

Calendario Longines Tops International Arena 2024
Longines Tops International Arena: Unveiling the Spectacular 2024 Calendar 6

Mark your calendars for the following sensational events:

1. LONGINES GLOBAL FUTURE CHAMPIONS – Jumping & Family Carnival– Dates: 10 – 12 MAYKicking off the season in grand style, the Longines Tops International Arena will host the brightest young equestrian stars, showcasing their skills and potential in an event that promises to leave spectators on the edge of their seats.CSIY-A, CSIJ-A, CSICh-A, CSIP, CSI2*

2. SUMMER FESTIVAL 1 – Unleash the Magic This Summer!– Dates: 12-14 JULYJoin us for the first of our three Summer Festivals, where the arena will come alive with a vibrant theme. Expect daring performances, colorful spectacles, and an atmosphere that will captivate the entire family.CSI5*, CSI2*, CSI1*, CSIYH1*

3. GLOBAL CHAMPIONS ARABIANS TOUR – A New Legacy– Dates: 20-21 JULYA special edition dedicated to the majestic Arabians, this tour promises an unforgettable showcase of elegance, beauty, and athleticism. Don’t miss this unique celebration of the Arabian horse, set against the backdrop of our enchanting theme.

4. SUMMER FESTIVAL 2 – Step Right Up!– Dates: 26-28 JULYThe magic continues with the second installment of our Summer Festival series. Brace yourself for more thrilling competitions, mesmerizing performances, and an abundance of family-friendly activities.CSI4*, CSI2*, CSI1*, CSIYH1*

LTIA 1 CSI4 1.55m 2023 LTIA1 090723 FG 6099 1
Longines Tops International Arena: Unveiling the Spectacular 2024 Calendar 7

5. SUMMER FESTIVAL 3 – Summer Festival Finale!– Dates: 09-11 AUGUST*The grand finale of our Summer Festival trilogy promises an explosion of excitement and joy. Be part of the festivities as the theme reaches its peak, creating memories that will last a lifetime for you and your loved ones.CSI4*, CSI2*, CSI1*, CSIYH1*

6. LONGINES GLOBAL CHAMPIONS TOUR – The Stage is Set– Dates: 23-25 AUGUSTThe pinnacle of equestrian sport takes center stage as the world’s top riders compete in the Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL team series. Expect high stakes, intense competition, and an electrifying atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat.CSI5*, CSI2*, CSI1*, CSIYH1*

7. WBFSH STUDBOOKS JUMPING GLOBAL CHAMPIONS TROPHY – The Pinnacle Returns– Dates: 26-29 SEPTEMBERWitness the crowning of champions in the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy as the next generation of equine talents step up. The second edition of the hugely successful Tops International Auction will also take place during the weekend of epic team Studbook competition so is one not to be missed.CSIYH1*

Prepare to be dazzled, delighted, and amazed as the Longines Tops International Arena transforms into a world of wonder and excitement. With a theme weaving its way through every event, we guarantee an experience that will leave you breathless and longing for more.Registration of interest for tickets for the 2024 events are available now. Be first in line to secure your seats for a front-row view of the magic and excitement that await at the Longines Tops International Arena.Join us as we redefine equestrian entertainment – it’s not just a show; it’s an experience.


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