Los Angeles prepares for the Masters Grand Slam 2014.

LA 1

The 28th of September 2014 is a date to mark down in your diaries as it marks the debut of the Longines Los Angeles Masters and its 475,000 dollars in prize money.
The horses have already arrived in Los Angeles for the event which will see the participation of some of the best riders in the world including Normandy WEG bronze medal winner Beezie Madden from the USA along with fellow team-mates from the team category which won bronze in Normandy Kent Farrington and Lucy Davis. French riders Kevin Staut, Simon Delestre and Patrice Delaveau will also be there along with top riders Rodrigo Pessoa, Steve Guerdat, Scott Brash, Gerco Schroder, Marco Kutscher and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, who is a native of Los Angeles.
A full list of the riders taking part can be viewed here: http://www.mastersgrandslam.com/en/longines_los_angeles_masters/program/riders
The debut event will get underway with an exhibition performance from Judith Hill, a versatile and talented artist, who has had the honour of performing on stage with the legendary Michael Jackson during the course of her successful career. The opening ceremony will be held this Thursday the 25th of September at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
source: www.mastersgrandslam.com

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