Luca Marziani wins the Lorenzo Attili memorial


“Like a family, in memory of Lorenzo!“. This is how Giovanni Zampolini, owner of Horses Le Lame Sporting Club, chose to label the most important day of the 5th edition of the Lorenzo Attili Memorial. The GP, which ended on July 30th, finished with an emotional ceremony.
Winner of the GP, 145 category over two legs, was Luca Marziani and his horse Saxo Des Hayettes who finished with two clean runs, stoppint the clock at 40.89. It was enough to finish ahead of Giovanni Consorti on the back of Zilver while third was still the Tuscan rider on the back of Berenice.
After the race the Primo Aviere Scelto Luca Marziani said: “Receiving this award directly from Lorenzo’s parents, Marco and Alberta, was very touching and I struggled to keep my emotions in check. It seems like yesterday that Lorenzo and I used to ride together as kids.“
On Saturday July 30th, the memorial took place, a day dedicated to sport and respect for all involved. “It is incredible to think,“ commented Nicola Zampolini “that Lorenzo Attili still manages to spread his love and still makes us reflect about the real priorities of life.“
Various committees were out on the field for the competition, including the FISA, the Regional Committee FISE Umbria and the Regional FISE Lazio (where Lorenzo first registered as a rider) and a plaque was handed to the ‘woman of the house’ Alberta Attila.
Overall it was a day of love and everyone had a message to send to Lorenzo.
Daniela Cursi

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