Max Kühner: A Surprising Journey to Olympic Success

Max Kühner HSJ interview

Max Kühner’s journey to the Olympic Games with Team Austria was nothing short of remarkable. While many might not have expected it, Kühner and his team secured a bronze medal, leaving Austria elated and proud. In a recent interview, Kühner shared his thoughts on this unexpected achievement and his hopes for the future.

When asked if winning a bronze medal was expected, Max Kühner replied with a resounding, “No, absolutely not.” It was clear that the team had modest hopes for Olympic qualification, making their accomplishment all the more significant. Representing Austria at the Olympics was a colossal ambition in itself, and the added bonus of the bronze medal was simply incredible.

Kühner’s partnership with his horse, Blue, was a key factor in their success. He spoke of how Blue jumped effortlessly, even in the face of the intense Olympic pressure. The initial rounds saw a minor setback with one down, but Kühner’s optimism shone through as he described Blue’s fantastic performance in the final round, which was clear. This demonstrated the strong bond and skill that Max Kühner had developed with his equine partner Elektic Blue P.

Looking ahead to the future, Kühner remained humble and grounded in his aspirations. When asked about his hopes for the day and the possibility of another medal, he replied, “Yeah, we don’t think in that way. We just try to do our best and then we’ll see what comes out.” This mindset reflects Kühner’s dedication to his sport and his focus on giving his all in each competition, regardless of the outcome.

In conclusion, Max Kühner’s journey to the Olympics was marked by unexpected success, a close partnership with his horse, and a determined attitude.

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