Milano Winter Show a great success.

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The second edition of the Milano Winter Show has come to a close with the CSI 3 star GP at the MVR Pala Show Jumpers of Vermezzo (Milan).
Uliano Vezzani once again revealed himself one of the best course designers in the world as 13 horse and rider combinations went head to head in a thrilling jump-off which was won by the show-jumping star “Bosty”. Following closely behind we find Emilio Bicocchi in second.
To continue, Swiss champion and bronze medal winner at the Aachen European Championships Janika Sprunger came fifth and earned the Queriot prize for the best horse-woman. Also in the top-ten we find Juan Carlos Garcia (seventh) and Natale Chiaudani (eighth).
Over 50 international riders featured over the three days of competition representing over 18 nationalities. There were also several other international stars such as Emanuele Guadiano and Bertram Allen with fellow up and coming riders Ulrich Kirchhoff, Christina Liebherr and Romain Duguet.
The event was widely followed with over 10.000 tuning in for live streaming and over 600 spectators at the arena where Matilde Borromeo was the chief ambassador and was on hand with her husband Antonius Von Fürstenberg and Beatrice Patrese. Italian actress Veronica Lario, a big fan of the sport, was also present.
In the photo:
-Eva Cavani, X Factor Italia 2015 boot camp contender, presents the GP.
Milano Winter Show Press Office.

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