Montefalco, Italy Filippo Lupis third as Vince Karaevli of Turkey takes first

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The Grand Prix GiZeta Infissi International Grand Prix in Montefalco which is part of “Le Lame International Sagrantino Tour“, now in its 4th edition, was dominated by Turkey.
Omer Karaevli, riding Roso au Crosnier (0/0, 40 “07), was the best of the 56 starters put to the test by the chef de piste Elio Travagliati over 1.5m.
The second position went to the Swiss Olivier Bujard with Emeraude Du Ri D’Asse (0/0, 47 “12).
Italy, however, took third place with Filippo Lupis’s on his signature horse Breezer (1/0, 47 “90).
In 4th place, Michele Previtali in the company of Cartaire Z (1/0, 48 “75) followed by the German Marc Bettinger on Robinson (4/0, 39 “51) and the former senior showjumping coach Roberto Arioldi with Dundee V / H Marienshof (0/4, 39“ 84).
From one former coach to another, Duccio Bartalucci, present on the sidelines, said of Arioldi’s performance: “He did really well. He is building up nicely to the CSIO in Lisbon (31 May / 3 June, ed) where I have called him up.“
There were very positive words from Bartalucci on the best Azzurri, Filippo Lupis: “I started following him from the February event in Rome and I am very happy with the progress of this combination from the technical point of view, from the point of view of managing the course.“
The performance of Michele Previtali, however, “out of the Stefano Scaccabarozzi sector, a junior under 21, who will certainly be satisfied,“ said Bartalucci. “ Previtali put in a good performance.“
The coach also talked about Emanuele Camilli: “A misunderstanding in the second round, a pity. But it can happen. However, Emanuele and Urban De Rohan remain excellent, it was a good first round.”
Finally, on the international competition in Umbria: “It is an excellent location on the calendar, two weeks before Piazza di Siena. The response of 21 nations confirms this. It must become a regular appointment.“
Great satisfaction for Filippo Lupis, for this third place who knows great prospects: “I have ridden Breezer just two years,“ said the Roman rider. Before then this twelve year old gelding participated in categories over 1.20m. This is his 4th 1.50 m category.
“I still work to create a harmony with this character and big-hearted horse. I can only thank Gianluca Quondam (co-owner of Breezer, ed) for having decided to share this adventure with me on Breezer.“
Institutions at the forefront, in this international edition hosted at the Horses Le Lame Sporting Club: first of all, Donatella Tesei, Mayor of Montefalco, newly elected Senator of the Republic (pictured); with her, Paola Marzioli, president of the Municipal Council of Montefalco; General Leonardo Tricarico, Chief of Staff of the Air Force from 5 August 2004 to 19 September 2006; and the FISE, represented by the councilor of the Umbria committee Andrea Scianaro and, indeed, by the current national seniors selector Duccio Bartalucci.
Daniela Cursi
(Horses Le Lame Press Office)
(caption: Nicola Zampolini (show director) rewards together with Donatella Tesei (Mayor of Montefalco)

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