Montefalco: The order of the day is ‘improvement’

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It is called ‘Circuit of Technical Growth’ and it is the new system of programming for the federation dedicated to young and veteran riders and young horses. It will take place over 18 stages throughout the course of the year, from January to December, from nothern Italy to the South. The fifth stage, called ‘standard’ will take place from 15-17 April in Umbria at the Horses Le Lame Sporting Club.
The stage will follow the format outlined in the FISE system, with specific categories and technical content overlooked by the event director (Elio Travagliati) and the president of the jury.
Giovanni Zampolini, owner of the equestrian centre said: “It is an important appointment because it comes right in the middle of the season and will complete the growth of some riders and their horses.“
Montefalco is also an important test for veterans, the female riders and the young riders that are programming their trianing regimes in view of the Championships that will atke place from 21-24 July at the Nuovo Centro Ippico Cervese.
Three days of racing that will be watched over by Stefano Scaccabarozzi, team manager of the show jumping for youngsters. The overall prize money is 37.000 euro.
Montefalco will also be a qualification event for the Italian Young Horses Championships FISE.

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