Naples prepares for the Lotteria GP.

Mach Grace 1

The Agnano race-track in Naples will mark the first Sunday of the month with what promises to be a thrilling event for the fans. Today, spectators will be treated to the Lotteria GP, a three-heat trotting event followed by the big final as well as consolation final. While the Agnano race-track may have failed to attract stars from all corners of the globe in recent years, it nonetheless remains a must watch for those interested and the lack of international appeal is always made up by the passion and loyalty of the local fans who always turn up in large numbers.
And who knows, perhaps those fans could witness a fourth success today for Mack Grace Sm or perhaps a win for Skiline Dany, son to the immense Varenne. Don’t rule out Pascià Lest from whom there are high expectations. It is all to play for ahead of another great day of celebration for the city of Naples and the Agnano race-track. 

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