Nations Cup results from Odense

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It was Great Britain that came out on top in the Nations Cup in Odense yesterday overcoming Switzerland who led in the first round. Britain who are coached by Lampard ended with 12 penalty points: Holly Gillott s Dougie Douglas (0/0), Tim Page con Santa Cruise (16scart./4), Harriett Nuttall su A Touch Imperious (0/4) e Jessie Drea (4/ – ).
Dirk Demeersman’s Belgium repeated his result from La Baule and along with Hansueli Sprunger’s Swiss gathered 16 penalties: BELGIUM – Donaat Brondeel con Breemersen Acorado (4/4), Kim Thiry su Calisto vd Windheuvel (4/8 scart.), Christophe Vanderhasselt con Edel Vitseroel (8 scart./0) e Niels Bruynssels con Pommeau du Heup (4/0).
SWITZERLAND – Alain Jufer con Wieveau M (0/4), Frederique Fabre Delbos & Nirvana Basters (0/12), Christina Liebherr su L.B. Eagle Eye (0 scart./12 scart.) e Janika Sprunger con Aris CMS (0/0).
5° Svezia – 20 penalties
6° Australia – 24 penalties
7° Irlanda -28 penalties
8° Olanda – 36 penalties
9° Danimarca – 12 penalties 1° round
10°Norvegia – 16 penalties 1° round
10°Polonia – 16 penalties 1° round
12°Italia – 20 penalties 1° round
13° Chile – eliminated
Today sees the small tour over 1.40m with Italian Luigi Polesello on Caelum ter Wingen chasing a podium finish, there is also the Medium Tour over 1.45m at noon, along with a qualifier for the Fei Young Riders European Champinships 2014.

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