New guide to lameness by Golden Spur winner

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A book that in itself is defined by its preface is a contribution to the integration of knowledge on a common problem in horses.This knowledge is essential to better deal with improved results and problems and symptoms that at first glance may seem insignificant, but if not cured or otherwise not dealt with in the right way can lead to the worsening of the problem by creating a more serious one very often, longer and expensive to treat.
A guide for everyone, and photo practice (there are just over 110 pages with attached screen shoots) that offers an indepth look, starting from the basic concepts of physiognomy and equine biomechanics, going on to analyze in more detail the specific issues or more less common, such as in the case of the horse that “factory“ (touching the rear with the front while trotting ) .
In the coming days we will present some interesting steps in this guide that lends itself as a useful theoretical support, reminder or “cheatsheet“ for horsemen and breeders.
The guide has been prepared by Dr. Vittorio Meschia , a graduate in veterinary medicine at the University of Milan and a specialist in the various areas of equine veterinary medicine: from trauma to surgery to gynecology .
His work has been honored by the FISE (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sport ) with the Golden Spur.The guide is published by Horse LTD and available for sale on order. 

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