Paradressage: Howard and Trunnell Shine Bright at CPEDI3* in Ocala

Fiona Howard started riding Diamond Dunes

Fiona Howard with Diamond Dunes photos by Andrew Ryback Photography

The World Equestrian Center – Ocala (WEC) recently hosted its first international Para Dressage event, sponsored by Hampton Green Farm and Discover Dressage. Among the lineup of top riders from North America, some remarkable performances emerged, marking a significant chapter in para equestrian sports.

Leading the Grade II division was Fiona Howard, making her CPEDI debut with Diamond Dunes, an 11-year-old Hanoverian gelding. Despite having ridden the horse for only a week, Howard delivered a stellar performance, clinching the top spot with a score of 72.356%. In a remarkable display of skill and adaptability, Howard also secured second place in the same category with Fleuresse 4, scoring 70.920%.

Fioa Howard With Fleuresse 4 1
Fioa Howard With Fleuresse 4 by Andrew Ryback Photography

Reflecting on her victory, Howard expressed gratitude to her supportive team and excitement for the journey ahead with Diamond Dunes. “He’s never done para before. I really love him, and I’m excited for the journey with him and to continue riding him,” she said.

Meanwhile, two-time U.S. Paralympic gold medalist Roxanne Trunnell showcased her prowess in the Grade I division. Riding Fan Tastico H, a seven-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Trunnell secured the top position with a score of 74.097%.

Roxanne Trunnell piloted her Fan Tastico H 1
Roxanne Trunnell piloted her Fan Tastico H by Andrew Ryback Photography

Notably, Trunnell also claimed the second spot with Dolton, her trusted partner and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games gold medalist.

Roxanne Trunnell piloted her Dalton 1
Roxanne Trunnell with Dolton by Andrew Ryback Photography

Trunnell praised Fan Tastico H for being a “seat and leg horse,” highlighting the synergy between rider and mount. She remarked, “I’m able to use more leg than I have to on Dolton but like Dolton, he doesn’t like too much fussing with the head.”

In the Grade III category, U.S. Paralympic team bronze medalist Rebecca Hart delivered a commanding performance, clinching both first and second places. Riding Floratina and El Corona Texel, Hart displayed remarkable consistency, scoring 71.333% and 69.167% respectively.

Kate Shoemaker, another Paralympian team member, showcased her prowess in the Grade IV division. Partnered with Colijn, a 17-year-old KWPN gelding, Shoemaker secured victory with a score of 70.139%, underscoring her skill and rapport with her equine partner.

Cynthia Screnci rounded off the impressive performances, dominating the Grade V division with her horses For Memory 4 and Sir Chipoli, securing first and second places respectively.

The CPEDI3* competition at WEC – Ocala provided para dressage riders with a platform to demonstrate their talent and dedication. With riders showcasing exemplary skill and partnership with their equine companions, the event underscored the growing prominence of para equestrian sports.

For complete results and upcoming competition details, visit the official dressage schedule page.

Source WEC Jump Media press release | Photos by Andrew Ryback Photography

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