Paris: Delaveau and Lacrimoso take the win in GP

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The French show ended on Sunday afternoon after a magnificent event.
The GP was as hard as the come, as predicted by the Frenchman Simone Delestre during the inspection of the course. Due to the extremely high level of competition there were 16 starters and the race director Luc Musette had set out a really spectacular course.
The first clean run came from Swiss rider Jane Richards Philips and Diedonne de Guldenboom, followed by Alexandra Paillot with Polias de Blondel and Roger Yves Bost on the back of Pegase du Murier. They were then followed by the British rider Joe Clee with Utamaro d’Ecaussines and the great Eric Lamaze with Fine Lady 5.
Even a rider making his debut in Paris managed a clean first run, Stephan de Freitas Baarcha with Landpeter do Feroleto. Competing were Billy Twomey from Ireland with Tinka’s Serenade, and the Swiss Martin Fuchs with Clooney 51; Qatar were also well represented with the usual Ali Bin Khalid al-Thani on First Devision, and Holland turned up with Harrie Smolders on the back of Don VHP Z.
Unfortunately there were no Italian at the jump off. Emanuele Gaudiano, riding Caspar 232, finished the run with six penalties while Piergiorgio Bucci, with Cuarta, made two mistakes on the course and Francesco Franco, on the back of Banca Popolare di Bari Cassandra finished with three fences knocked down.
The win went to the rider that took the most risks, Patrice Delaveau and his top horse Lacrimoso, with a time of 36.08. Second place also went to France and Simone Delestre on the back of Hermes Ryan while third went to Ireland’s Billy Twomey and the 18 year old Tinka’s Serenade.
Credit:  ©Sportfot

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