Paris Masters a roaring success

longines master 2016 1

The Paris Longines Masters has proved to be once again an immense success. The French capital saw some of the most famous riders in the world strut their stuff such as Grégory Wathelet who claimed victory in the GP.
Speaking afterwards, the Belgian said: “The fans backed both the home riders and international stars which really gave all of us a boost.“ Daniel Desseur also added “This support from the fans encourages us to push ourselves beyond our limits.“
The latter rider wasn’t able to back up his win in the Los Angeles Masters which means the spotlight now falls on Grégory Wathelet. Should the Belgian win the next leg in Hong Kong and the one after that in LA he could bring home the Bonus Grand Slam which stands at a whopping 1 000 000 €.  
SOURCE: R&B Presse

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