Choose Palm Beach Equine Clinic for Advanced Equine Reproduction Services

Dr. Justin McNaughten of Palm Beach Equine Clinic examines a foal.

Dr. Justin McNaughten of Palm Beach Equine Clinic examines a foal. Photo courtesy of Justin McNaughten

Palm Beach Equine Clinic (PBEC) offers innovative equine reproduction techniques in its breeding and fertility services led by board-certified Equine Reproductive Specialist Dr. Justin McNaughten and Dr. Robert Smith to increase the probability of a successful pregnancy. A leader in equine veterinary care, Palm Beach Equine Clinic, located in Wellington, FL, can provide reproductive services at both its equine hospital and in private barn settings.

What Is Offered?

  • Transvaginal Oocyte Aspiration (TVA) for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

ICSI has become an invaluable tool for overcoming fertility issues in sub-fertile mares and stallions. The combination of TVA and ICSI procedures has gained traction and become popular within the sport horse community.


· Produce offspring with limited interruption to the mare’s training and competition schedule by transferring embryos to the uterus of a recipient mare or frozen for future use.

· On the stallion side, ICSI can also maximize limited reserves of frozen semen because only a single sperm cell is selected and injected.

· PBEC is one of the only facilities in South Florida to accept stallions for sex-sorted semen collections. Stallion owners are now able to choose the future sex of the foal by utilizing frozen ICSI doses of semen.

A microscope image showing oocytes following a TVA procedure at Palm Beach Equine Clinic. Photo courtesy of Justin McNaughten

  • Stallion Services

The care of stallions at PBEC is conducted by competent horse handlers. Proper management throughout the process can significantly improve fertility.


· A covered breeding shed with a hydraulic phantom mare and training offered to stallions for its use

· A Computer Assisted Sperm Analyzer to provide thorough evaluation and quality control of a stallion’s sperm

· Stallion breeding soundness exam and management

· Treatment of stallion infertility

· Semen collection and evaluation

· Semen freezing, processing storage, and shipping

· Reproductive pre-purchase exams

· Semen collection and freezing from castrated or deceased stallions

PBEC’s covered breeding shed provides a hydraulic phantom mare for stallion breeding.

Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Equine Clinic

  • Mare Services

There are many factors involved in proper management of mares regarding reproduction and fertility, and PBEC veterinarians are there every step of the way to keep your mare comfortable and prepared.


· Mare breeding soundness exam and management

· Uterine culture, cytology, biopsy, and hysteroscopy

· Artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen

· Problem mare breeding and infertility evaluations

· Treatment of mare infertility

· Pregnancy diagnosis and management

· High risk pregnancy management

· Parturition management

· Post-partum management

· Collecting ova from a deceased mare

The Reproduction and Fertility team at Palm Beach Equine Clinic is ready to leverage its expert care and advanced practices to produce the talent of the future. To learn more about the routine and advanced reproductive services offered this season, contact Palm Beach Equine Clinic at 561-793-1599 or visit

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