Protests against FISE reach 1900 in Italy

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1900 protests have been registered in just a few days in reaction to the Italian Equestrian Federation’s (FISE) proposed changes. The petition is gathering names and support via the use of social network sites such as Facebook which are helping to promote the opposition to changes.
The group is called “STUFI DELLA FISE 2013” (Fed up with FISE 2013) which sums up the frustrations and anger by professionals and amateurs with the equestrian federation.
One of their grievances is with commissioner Rava, at FISE for 9 months, who is guilty of intervening in technical matters and not limiting his role to financial issues. Further, the tax for the disposal of manure at a cost of 10 euros every 3 days has also caused great anger.
In response, some are even suggesting to not renew their membership and affiliation with FISE, while some are contemplating a boycott from FISE competitions. Other measures include aligning themselves with SEF-Italia, FISE’s main competitor for the organisation of equestrian events.
Moreover, in a demonstration that this is not just a virtual and online movement, red bows will be on display as a sign of protest at the various competitions in which riders compete. The images of the red ribbons will then be posted on Facebook.
If you wish to take a look at the group and follow the debate, there is an open Facebook profile page “STUFI DELLA FISE 2013” (fed up with FISE 2013).

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