Qatar ride to victory in the Abu Dhabi stage of the Nations Cup.

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Qatar gave a brilliant display yesterday to win the Abu Dhabi stage of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup, the only middle eastern leg of the competition. Head coach Willem Meeus made sure his team finished with a total of just 5 penalties from the two rounds. Second place went to Ukraine and third place to Egypt.
Italy was also present, even though the azzurri weren’t competing for qualification points. However, Hans Horn’s side picked up far too many errors to ever be competitive and came in seventh place overall. The Italian riders performed as follows: Emanuele Gaudiano on Admara 2 (8/4), Simone Coata on Cannavaro 17 (13/4), Francesco Franco on Banca Popolare di Bari Cassandra (9/4) and Juan Carlos Garcia on Gitano v Berkenbroek (13/4).

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