Rabobank Auction: London sold for 8.600.000,00 euros

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There is great anticipation at the Rabobank auction and in particular for the two riders Gerco Schroder and Albert Voorn.
Both riders will be hoping to beat the competition at the auction to get their hands on London and Tobalio respectively with whom they have both invested time and hard work.
The two riders both made appeals ahead of the auction to find financial backing in their quest to capture the performers at auction. With that in mind, it makes for a tense Monday afternoon for both men.
In the meantime, the early indications from Zuthpen are that the auction for London has finished. The official buyer has not been named, but the fee has been officially announced at 8.600.000,00 euros. The starting fee at auction was 4 million euros.
Once the payment has been made, the buyer will own the rights to the horse regardless of any claims by third parties who previously had co-ownership rights to the horse.
These parties had initially threatened to take legal action but there has been no progress on that front and it seems that they are likely to accept the current situation.
For Tobalio meanwhile the auction is still ongoing and the offers are being collected. For the moment, 21 offers have been made with two coming from New Orleans for a total of 210 thousand euros.
Unfortunately for Schroder and Voorn, there is nothing else to do other than wait for the definitive results. 

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