Rare breed of horse at risk of extinction in Sardinia.


The website Quotidiano.net has reported the worrying state of affairs of a rare breed of horse in Sardinia that is at risk of extinction.
In recent months, dozens of wild horses that live within the Giara Park in Medio Campidano have died and many more are at further risk.
The causes of the death are starvation and the first sources of help in terms of food and medicine have begun. However, it remains a race against time to save the horses that represent one of the great natural assets of the Italian island.
Videos and photos have been published on the internet and facebook showing the distressing events from within the Giara Park.
It isn’t the first time that the horses have been put in danger but once again there are very few resources that can be relied upon: there are few volunteers available to help protect the horses from Giara as well as few means to guarantee a minimum amount of protection to these “living fossils”.
In many cases, the animals die of thirst and hunger: around 600 are in serious danger and their survival is at risk. It should also be pointed out that the disappearance of these horses would represent a huge loss for Sardinia and the scientific community.
The horses from Giara are a rare and native race to Sardinia, present on the island 6000 years  before Christ which is why they are called living fossils. These horses were widespread across Sardinia until the late medieval era while today they are based in the Giara highlands.
The Ozieri institute began a repopulation scheme for the wild horses, but it’s also important to protect those living in the highlands, an ancient race that has remained uncontaminated for thousands of years. Intervention is urged from the Sardinian people and local government.

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