Rehabilitation equestrian course in Emilia Romagna

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The Fitetrec Ante Emilia Romagna will hold a course for the title of assistant in Equestrian Rehabilitation (RE) and Riding for Disabled (EPD), to be held in Bologna in January and February 2016, divided into modules of practical and theoretical lessons, on the dates indicated in the program below.
The course aims to provide future assistants in this precious field of basic knowledge common to all members of the team in the field in this work whose benefits, at all levels, are increasingly being recognized and appreciated.
The assistant in RE or EPD performs his profession under the direct RE EPD instructor and joins them in all tasks, such as watching the instructor in the preparation of horses and during lessons with the disabled, both in and out of the saddle, with the primary objective of ensuring maximum safety.
The course will be held Saturday, January 30 and Monday, February 1, to resume Sunday and Monday February 14 and 15 and ending Sunday, February 21, with hours every day from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 20 at the Equestrian Center ASD The Centaur – Horses Rhine, in Bologna. The seminar is divided into modules that range from materials such as horseback riding or veterinary sciences to those of psychology, pedagogy and neurology and has a total cost of 500 Euros.
Registration for the course closes on December 31, 2015. The course will be carried out with a minimum of 7 participants up to a maximum of 10. Information and registration on or write to or by calling 366 6329560.

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