Rio 2016: Leprevost’s Olympic dream at risk

Flora de Mariposa Penelope Leprevost Ginevra 2013

Lady luck has deserted a second equestrian star in a matter of days.
Following the Equestrian World that Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival had to withdraw from the games, the latest athlete to be struck by rotten luck is Penelope Lèprevost whose performer Flora de Mariposa has come down with a bout of colic.
The setback means that the French star might not be able to compete in the Olympic games which would be a real blow to her and for the fans who were hoping to see one of the in-form riders in action.
In a bid to recover in time, the horse sat out the warm-up trial and although the horse’s health appears to be on the up, there is still no guarantee that it will compete.
A reminder that today is the start of the show-jumping trials with the qualification rounds set to take place later today.
Source: Penelope Leprevost facebook page

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