Rising Star in Show Jumping: An In-Depth Interview with Derin Demirsoy

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In the captivating world of equestrian sports, few names emanate as brightly as that of Derin Demirsoy, a rising star in show jumping from Turkey. With a compelling blend of talent, dedication, and a deep connection to his horses, Derin has swiftly ascended the ranks, leaving an impressive mark on the sport. In this exclusive interview, Derin offers a candid glimpse into his journey, his partnership with Carpe Diem Equestrian team, and his aspirations for the future. Derin has been successful in several competitions all over the place, recently he has been competing in Sunshine Tour where he has picked up several good placings and wins.

– Derin, thank you for joining us today. Can you share with our readers a bit about your background and how you first found your passion for show jumping?

It’s my pleasure. My journey in show jumping began at a young age, sparked by a profound love for horses instilled in me by my family. Growing up surrounded by these magnificent creatures, I was drawn to the beauty and athleticism of show jumping. With the unwavering support of my family and the guidance of exceptional trainers, I embarked on a journey that would shape my life and career.”

– Your recent successes have garnered attention worldwide. Could you walk us through some of the highlights of your career thus far?

Certainly. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of competing alongside some truly remarkable horses, each contributing to memorable moments in my career. From clinching victories in prestigious competitions to representing my country on the international stage, every achievement holds a special place in my heart. Most notably, my recent successes at the Sunshine Tour and in various Grand Prix events have been incredibly rewarding and reaffirm my dedication to the sport.”

– Your partnership with Carpe Diem Equestrian team has been instrumental in your journey. Can you elaborate on how this collaboration has impacted your career?

“Working with Carpe Diem has been a transformative experience. Their unwavering support and investment in top-tier horses have provided me with the resources and opportunities necessary to excel in the sport. As a member of the Istanbul Warriors team, sponsored by Carpe Diem, I am proud to represent their values and commitment to excellence. Together, we share a vision of success and strive to achieve greatness on the global stage.”

– Navigating the competitive world of show jumping is no easy feat, especially coming from Turkey. What challenges have you faced along the way, and how have you overcome them?

Indeed, the path to success in show jumping is fraught with challenges, particularly when hailing from a country where the sport may not be as prevalent. However, I have always been fueled by a relentless determination to defy expectations and carve out my own path. With the support of my family, trainers, and mentors, I have confronted adversity head-on, viewing each obstacle as an opportunity for growth. Through perseverance and unwavering dedication, I have continued to push the boundaries of what is possible, transcending geographical barriers to compete on the world stage.

– Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of your career in show jumping?

My aspirations are boundless. While I am driven by a desire to achieve success at the highest levels of competition, my ultimate goal transcends mere accolades. I aspire to leave a lasting legacy in the sport, inspiring future generations of riders to pursue their dreams with passion and perseverance. Whether competing on the grandest stages or nurturing the next generation of equine talent, my journey in show jumping is far from over, and I am eager to embrace the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.”

As the interview draws to a close, it’s evident that Derin Demirsoy’s journey is not just one of athletic prowess but also of resilience, passion, and unwavering dedication. With his sights set on new horizons and a profound appreciation for the bond between horse and rider, Derin continues to illuminate the world of show jumping with his remarkable talent and indomitable spirit.

V. Sozzi

Photo by Mackenzie Clark – Derin Demirsoy riding Elzas

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