Rome CSIO: official press conference tomorrow

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The official press conference to launch the Rome CSIO will be taking place tomorrow.  The members of the Italian team that have been called up by Hans Horn will all be on hand to meet the press and speak to the gathered journalists.
The course designer will be Uliano Vezzani; the same man who has put the riders to the test in Rome for the past 8 years. He’ll be looking to use the beauty of the Italian capital to inspire him once again this time around. As for the course itself, lighter barriers will reduce the margin for error while the distances between the jumps will be studied in the coming days to determine the difficulty of the course.
However, Vezzani is also aware that he needs to give importance to the spectacle element for the fans and also the athletic ability of the riders when creating the course. He’ll be looking to combine these aforementioned elements to ensure the right course is created.
Nevertheless, the first trials of the competition will give the course designer chance to evaluate the design and an early impression in addition to the condition of the riders and performers.
As for prize money available, this is what the organisers have decided on. In the four days of races, 517 thousand euros of prize money will be up for grabs. The top level category races meanwhile will touch the 200 thousand euro mark each, such as the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup and the Rome GP.

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