Royal Windsor Horse Show tomorrow: all the participants


One of the big events of the week is taking place in London at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, which in addition to show-jumping, will also offer dressage and eventing trials.
Focusing on the show-jumping discipline, Nick Skelton will be present with Big Star alongside Philippe Le Jeune and 4 representatives from the most famous equestrian family in the world: John, Michael, Robert and William Whitaker. There are also 2 Italian riders taking part in the form of lady-rider Lucia Vizzini and Emanuele Gaudiano, with the latter arriving at the event on the back of a superb win at the Madrid GP.
Please see a complete list of the participants at the following link:
As for the dressage, the home favourite Charlotte Dujardin, born and raised in London, will be amongst the participants. Italy on the other hand will be represented by Silvia Rizzo. The full list of riders taking part can be found here:

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