Sanne Thijssen: A Journey of Passion and Grit in the Equestrian World

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Her motivation and inspiration? The strong bond she formed with these magnificent animals

In the heart of a family deeply involved in sports, a young girl named Sanne Thijssen found her love for riding. Her parents already had a sport stable, so it was only natural for her to start riding ponies. She loved it, and that passion grew as she transitioned to working with horses. 

Sanne’s journey took a significant step when she became the national champion among juniors and young riders. It was a big achievement and marked the beginning of her rise in the equestrian world.

One horse that holds a special place in Sanne’s heart is Con Quidam Rb. They’ve been partners for a solid ten years, growing and learning together. Together they have shared many wins from young riders level up to 5* Grand Prix wins. What makes Con Quidam exceptional isn’t just his skills, but his heart – a quality that resonates with Sanne’s own fighting spirit. She’s also making her mark with her own horses, Babalou Santo Antonio and Cupcake, who are steadily rising in prominence.

thijssen sanne ned con quidam rb 27 2 1
Sanne Thijssen – NED – on Con QUidam RB

Valkenswaard is more than just an arena for Sanne; especially after this weekend’s big win in the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix, it was a place where memories had been made and challenges hab been conquered. However Sanne’s ambitions reach far and wide, but one dream that stands out is winning an individual medal at a championship. It’s a goal that reflects her constant pursuit of improvement and personal success.

In a world where challenges are common, Sanne keeps a positive outlook. She understands the importance of focusing on the positives and learning from both victories and losses. This mindset has not only contributed to her success, but it has also been a source of inspiration for others.

Recognizing that each horse is unique, she tailors her training approaches to accommodate her horse’s needs. Some require consistent flatwork to maintain their suppleness, while others demand a different approach to conditioning.  Proving her nuanced understanding of horsemanship both in and out of the competition ring. 

Sanne has learned valuable lessons along her journey. She knows that nervousness can cloud decision-making, but she also recognizes that mistakes are part of the process. What matters most is the ability to learn from those mistakes and keep growing.

thijssen sanne ned con quidam rb 39 2 1
Sanne Thijssen – NED – on Con QUidam RB

As a role model, Sanne’s message to budding riders is simple: Keep pushing for what you want. Her journey exemplifies the power of determination, forming strong connections with horses, and embracing a passion with unwavering dedication. 

Sanne Thijssen’s story reminds us that the journey itself is just as remarkable as the destination, and the pursuit of excellence is a lifelong commitment that’s truly worth it.

V. Sozzi | Photo Marta Fusetti (c)

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