Scandinavian Vikings and Monaco Aces Unveil Power-Packed Lineups for 2024 GCL Team Series

Monaco Aces e Scandinavian Vickings GCL 2024

Get ready to hoist your flags high and prepare for an epic showdown as the Scandinavian Vikings and Monaco Aces powered by Lion of Porches unveil their thrilling lineups for the 2024 GCL team series!

In a clash of titans that promises to electrify the equestrian world, the Scandinavian Vikings are charging onto the scene with a lineup that reads like a who’s who of showjumping excellence. Leading the charge is none other than the indomitable Henrik Von Eckermann, reigning atop the world rankings and poised to showcase his unparalleled talent once again. Joining him are the dynamic Evelina Tovek, the rising star Sara Vingralkova (U25), the daring Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen, the formidable Jorge Matte, and the sensational Qinyu Pang. With such a formidable roster, the Vikings are primed to set the arena ablaze with their prowess and determination.

Commenting on the upcoming season, a spokesperson for the Scandinavian Vikings remarked, “We’re thrilled to be back in action and ready to defend our title with this powerhouse lineup. With the perfect blend of experience and youthful energy, we’re confident that the Vikings will once again reign supreme in the GCL arena.”

Scandinavian Vikings are proudly sponsored by Toveks Bil, Stal Gullik,  RC Horses, Global Trucks, Gumarny Zubri, Aloga Auction, VDL Stud, Falcon, Ashby, JopackKingsland and Stellium Horses.

But wait, the excitement doesn’t stop there! Hailing from the luxurious principality of Monaco, the Monaco Aces powered by Lion of Porches are storming onto the GCL scene with a lineup that’s as fresh as a sea breeze. Led by the ever-stylish Gregory Cottard, the Aces boast a lineup of exciting new faces to the league, including the talented Ines Joly, the dynamic Oliver Fletcher (U25), the electrifying Luiz Felipe Cortizo Gonçalves De Azevedo Filho, the suave Luiz Felipe Neto De Azevedo, and the charismatic Duarte Seabra. With their eye-catching talent and boundless potential, the Aces sponsored by Pegasus are set to dazzle audiences and make waves in the world of showjumping.

Monaco Aces Team Manager Filipe Herculano expressed his excitement, saying, “We may be the newcomers on the block, but don’t underestimate the Aces. We’ve got a team of rising stars and seasoned veterans who are hungry for victory, and we’re ready to make our mark on the GCL.”

With the stage set and the teams locked and loaded, the 2024 GCL promises to be a season of thrills, spills, and unforgettable moments. So buckle up, equestrian enthusiasts, because the race for glory is about to begin!

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