Selle Française trials set to start in May

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The registration for the Selle Française studbook selections are now open for the young horses category (2 and 3 years of age).
From mid-May the trainers and breeders will present their performers to the studbook judges in which 8 selection stages are scheduled for the stallions and 4 for the females.
The dates are as follows:
19 May – St. Etienne de Tumont
22 May – La Roche sur Yon
27 May – Le Mans
29 May – Verquigneul
03 June – Rosieres aux Salines
05 June – Cluny
10 June – Lamballe
12 & 13 June – St.Lo
19 May – St.Etienne de Tumont
23 May – La Roche sur Yon
30 May – Verquigneul
06 June – Cluny
THE FINAL – This year the final will be held at the World Equestrian Games on Friday the 5th of September. The best 80 horses will be presented at Saint-Lo to celebrate the year in which France is the protagonist of the equestrian calendar.
Source: sellefranç

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