Simon Delestre and Chesall Zimequest star at Jumping Valence GP


After having to abandon the Olympic final in Rio de Janeiro due to the injury to Hermes Ryan, Simon Delestre returned with a victory in the CSI4 * Jumping International of Valence Grand Prix.Second and third place went to fellow Olympians, as well as the architects of the French victory: Kevin Staut and Roger-Yves Bost.It was a big weekend for the French with Simon Delestre – the world number 2 – with Utah Aguilly who completed all rounds without error, while the new starlet Chesall Zimequest concluded the weekend with the main trophy of the event.Simon Delestre tried so set aside some of the bitterness that has been brought back from Brazil, being forced to give up a Olympic final after a year of meticulous work and with the knowledge that he had until injury to his horse a real possibility of a gold medal.Completing the podium as anticipated Kevin Staut, riding For Joy van’t Zorgvliet with 0 penalties and Roger – Yves Bost riding Sangria du Coty.
There were also four Italians in the field:
Bruno Chimirri with Tower Mouche, best result with a 17th place and four penalties in the first round.
Alberto Zorzi on Fair Light van’t Heike, 26th place with 8 penalties in the first round.
Daniele Augusto Da Rios, 29th place with 8 penalties in the first round.
Giulia Martinengo Marquet, 41st on Courage des Fegie – eliminated round 1.
The full list: http: // Style = long …

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