Spain win the latest leg of the Nations Cup in Portugal.

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Let’s turn our attentions now towards Portugal and the CSIO3* Lisbon, which has just staged the latest leg of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup for the second European Division.
Led by Luis F. Gil-Fournier, the Spanish team were able to ride to the win after 8 penalties overall. The team was made up as follows: Alberto Marquez Galobardes with Belcanto Z (0-4 penalties), Gerardo Menendez Mieres with Cassino DC (0-0), Laura Roquet Puignero with Quilate del Duero (16 (discarded)- 4) and Ivan Serrano Saenz with Condor (0-retired).
In second place, we find the host nation Portugal with just one more penalty overall than the Spanish team. The Portuguese team, led by Francisco Louro, was made up as follows: Mario Wilson Fernandez with Abanderado MZ (0-0), Joao Pedro Gomes with Electra S (4-0), Luis Ferreira with Quechua d’Emeraude (4-el.) and Luis Sabino Goncalves with Uching Imperio Egipico (5 (discarded) – 1).
The final podium slot went to France made up as follows: Geoffroy de Coligny with Qaid Louviere (1-0), Titouan Chumacher with Paradis Latin (0-13 (discarded) ), Maelle Martin with Giovanni de la Pomme (4-5) and Adeline Hecart with Pasha du Gue (4 (discarded) – 4).
The rest of the nations finished as follows:
4th Belgium (14 penalties)
5th USA (21 penalties)
6th Ireland (23 penalties)
7th Great Britain (25 penalties)
8th Finland (retired)
9th Italy (16 penalties in round 1)
CLICK HERE  for a full breakdown of the results:
It wasn’t just Nations Cup on show yesterday and there was also an excellent 6th place finish yesterday from Italy’s Emanuele Massimiliano Bianchi with Loro Piana Cupido Z (Chellano Z) in the time trial over 1.40m, which was won by Britain’s Harriet Nuttall with Silver Lift (Easy Lift). See here for more:
Fellow Italian Matilde Giorgia Bianchi also impressed with a 6th place finish in the time trial over 1.50m on Thursday. The Italian horse-woman was competing with Coeur Blesse Z (conterno) while the victory went to Portugal’s Mario Wilson Fernandes with Zurito (Gedeon). See here for more:

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