Stal Ceulemans online auction makes 200,000 euros

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The auction of horses from the stables of Stal Ceulemans through the specialist website Troostwijk finished yesterday.
This is what was said by one of the spokespeople of the stables following the end of the sale of 59 performers: “It was a brave and bold move by us, but we’re satisfied with the result. We didn’t expect miracles or really high fees. We were able to sell our products at realistic prices, even abroad, with a lot of interest from the foreign countries. Many of the horses will now be sent to their new destinations abroad. In total we made 200,000 euros. The website have informed us that there were a total of 823 offers with 107 from abroad. They have also told us some of the details about the sales, such as the most expensive horse which was Caveman who went for 16,500 euros and will remain in Holland. The buyers were split between different European countries such as Belgium, Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic, France and Romania with some purchasing more than one performer. In brief, the experiment went well and it was a good way of selling, even on the international front in an extremely difficult moment. It can be an example for other studbooks and teams.”

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