Stal Roelofs up for sale

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Stal Roelofs is for sale. The company founded by Herman Roelofs has honored its commitment to providing individuals 40 years of high quality, in fact it is one of the most successful farms in the Netherlands.Stal Roelofs said the sale would not be financial, but emotional: it happened in fact that there are no successors to take over the family business and its founder has decided to sell what has been the emblem of his life.
Roelofs Group could not reach an agreement with all interested partners that are already within the company so the whole structure will be put on sale in different auctions.
The property is located in Den Ham, The Netherlands, and both the structure and the horses will be auctioned but in separate transactions.
Main horses including Dexter R have already been transferred but many still remain for sale including mares with genealogical interesting breeding lines. There are also some interesting young mounts BWG Stables .
by: Stal Roelofs

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