Stephex Horsetrucks expands presence in Italy making a new era for Italian horse transportation

Van di Stephex horsetrucks che inaugura una nuova era nel trasporto di cavalli, e uomo che porta a mano un cavallo sauro

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing Italian horse transportation, Stephex Horsetrucks proudly announces the expansion of its dealership network in the country. The introduction of a new partner Gruppo Berton reflects an effort to make luxurious horse transportation more accessible for horse lovers across Italy.

A Progressive Step in Italian Horse Transportation

Stephex Horsetrucks, known for its commitment to delivering sophisticated and reliable equine transport solutions, is extending its reach to Italy. The primary goal is to bring the joy of the sport and high-quality vehicles closer to all horse enthusiasts, fostering a community where mobility and luxury go hand in hand.

“We believe in fostering a community where the love for horses meets top-tier transportation. Our expansion to Italy is not just about vehicles; it’s about bringing joy, mobility, and a touch of luxury to every equestrian enthusiast.” – Stephex Horsetrucks Spokesperson

Enhanced Accessibility to Stephex Horsetrucks

The partnership with Gruppo Berton as authorized AKX dealer opens new horizons for equestrians across Italy. This collaboration ensures an enhanced accessibility to the latest advancements in horse transportation technology. AKX trucks, celebrated for their innovative design and equine-centric features, are now more accessible than ever, promising to elevate the overall travel experience for horses.

Positive shift in the equestrian community

Beyond the vehicles themselves, the expanded dealership network signifies a collective effort to enhance standards of comfort and safety for horses during transportation. By bringing AKX trucks closer to the Italian equestrian community, Stephex Horsetrucks is facilitating a positive shift in the way horses are transported, aligning with international standards and best practices.

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