Talented rider Sjaak Sleiderink to leave Stal De Sjiem as part of cutbacks.

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The Dutch Equestrian Federation KNHS has reported that Jeroen Dubbeldam is looking to trim down the numbers in his team, which will mean fewer horses and fewer personnel. The World Champion has already started to do so by letting go of one of his stars in the form of the young and talented rider Sjaak Sleiderink.
It means that the 22 year-old Sleiderink is now looking for a new team. The Dutch rider is one of the most promising talents in the country and was one of those to be inserted in the youth sector project promoted by the Dutch Equestrian Federation and sponsored by Rabobank: the Rabo Talent Team which represents the best riders at youth level in Holland.
For those aforementioned reasons it shouldn’t be too hard for Sjaak Sleiderink to find a solution. However, having left the Stal de Sjiem team after 7 years there is no rush in taking the next step. The rider is said to respect the decision of the World Champion but naturally will have a long hard think before making a decision on where to go next.
source: knhs.nl

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