TBWA Italia to organise Piazza di Siena in Rome

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The most highly anticipated outdoor equestrian event in Italy, Piazza di Siena, is on its way and will be held in Rome during the month of May with the organisation of the 82nd edition of the event to be handed to TBWA Italia.
TBWA Italia is part of the TBWA network, a publicity and advertising agency that is amongst the top 10 in the world and has 274 offices in 100 countries. What is more, it was named the best international network agency of the last 10 years in 2010. Through the Integer Italy brand it takes care of retail marketing, events and promotions.
The Italian Equestrian Association commissioner Gianfranco Ravà has asked all the institutes and above all the Rome City Council to actively take part in the organising of the event. The selection for the event organiser was a careful and thorough process in order to live up to the high standards of the event which is held in the highest regard across the world. 

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