The equestrian schedule in Rio

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There is little more than 48 hours to go before the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games that will last until August 21st.
Let’s round-up what we have to look forward to. The specialists of the Eventing will immediately be in action on Saturday 6th at 10am with the test for the team dressage with the second part of the test taking place on the Sunday, while still at 10am there will be the first individual round.
On Monday the 8th the cross country will start, both individual and team, while at 10am on Tuesday 9th the final stage will take place, the show jumping, and the medals for the eventing will be handed out. The day after comes the first round for the dressage specialists, the Grand Prix team event.
The second round for dressage is scheduled for the Thursday (11th) and on the Friday the medals will be handed out for the team Grand Prix. Saturday is a rest day for riders and horses alike and competition will resume on Sunday 14th August with the first round of qualifying for the team show jumping event, which also counts for the individual standings.
On August 15th Dressage will again be at the centre of attention with the Grand Prix Freestyle, the individual event which will be followed by the medal ceremony.
On Tuesday 16th, the show jumping continues with the second stage of the qualifying and the first round of the team event. Third qualifying round follows on the Wednesday as will the final round and the handing out of the medals.
All equestrian sports will once again take the day off on the Thursday (18th) and will return to action on Friday 19th for the grand finale with the final of the individual show jumping which starts in the morning and finishes in the afternoon.
Below is the complete schedule:
6 AUGUST 10.00  – eventing, dressage individual and team
7 AUGUST 10.00 – eventing, second day dressage individual and team
8 AUGUST 10.00 – eventing, cross country individual and team
9 AUGUST 10.00 – eventing, qualification individual show jumping, test team show jumping and individual – MEDALS
10 AUGUST 10.00 – Dressage, first day Grand Prix individual and team
11 AUGUST 10.00 – Dressage, second day Grand Prix individual and team
12 AUGUST 10.00 – Dressage, Grand Prix Special individual team, TEAM MEDALS
14 AUGUST 10.00 – Show jumping, first trial qualification individual and team
15 AUGUST 10.00 – Dressage, Grand Prix Freestyle individual – MEDALS
16 AUGUST 10.00 – Show jumping, second qualification for individual and first trial round for team
17 AUGUST 10.00 – Show jumping, third qualification individual and final trial team – MEDALS TEAM
19 AUGUST 10.00 – Show jumping, first round final individuale.
      13.30 – Show jumping, final individual – MEDALS INDIVIDUAL

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