The Leaping Horse by John Constable.

Constable Studio per cavallo al salto 1

Let’s focus our attention now on figurative arts and with a painting movement in which the horse is displayed in its natural environment known as landscape painting, a genre that developed in the early decades of the nineteenth century and which unearthed its best artists in England such as John Constable.
In his work ‘The Leaping Horse’, the artist includes the dynamic element of the horse jumping while in a context that evokes calm and tranquility: the rural landscape. The two elements are not in contrast to each other but rather create a harmony so dear to the artist, who stands out for his ability to interpret the picturesque and symbiotic relationship between man and nature. In fact, the main purpose of the painter was to get down on canvas and give lasting existence to a brief moment caught in time, and this painting is, among his works, the one that best demonstrates the achievement of this objective.
Constable distinguishes himself from other landscape artists for his careful analysis and he dedicates his work mainly to the landscape and painting what is there, with clever touches of white that make light reflection on the elements represented visible. He was a painter that often touched up his works, but as a skilled artist who understands the value of patience, he waited for the colour to dry before getting down to work again. Constable’s style was different from that of his fellow painters, he was more fluid, but he stood out above all for his ability to create a sort of three-dimensional image, making it that more realistic.

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