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It was expected… With three weeks to go before the Tokyo Olympics, the Masters of Chantilly is looking to be quite exceptional. From July 8 to 11, no less than seven Olympic champions… Among others!
Among these Olympic Champions, Switzerland’s Steve Guerdat (2012 in individual), Rolex Testimonee and current World No. 2, will headline this first Masters of Chantilly. He will be accompanied by his teammate and fellow Rolex Testimonee Martin Fuchs, the reigning individual European champion and current World No. 3. Both are among the favorites for an individual and/or a team Olympic medal
The four French gold medalists from Rio de Janeiro, Pénélope Leprévost, Kevin Staut, an other Rolex Testimonee, Philippe Rozier, and Roger-Yves Bost, will be enjoying the last few weeks of this title. Pénélope Leprévost and Roger-Yves Bost will be in full preparation in Chantilly to defend the gold medal three weeks later in Tokyo. They will be joined by Nicolas Delmotte, very pleased with his victory in the Grand Prix of La Baule.
Some U.S. riders will also be fighting their last battle for Olympic selection. Three of the last seven selected for the four places on the American short-list will be in Chantilly: Brian Moggre who has just won the 5* Grand Prix in Sopot, the 2008 Olympic Team Champion; Laura Kraut, and the young Lucy Deslauriers, aged 21. Lucy recently finished second in the 5* Grand Prix in Sopot and won a Grand Prix in Palm Beach last winter, defeating… her father.
The last is none other than Mario Deslauriers who had been the youngest winner of the World Cup, at 19 years of age, in 1984, the year when he finished 4th individual at the Los Angeles Olympic Games. At 56 years of age, Mario still has a good eye as he is one of the favorites to represent Canada individually in Tokyo. For the Masters of Chantilly, he will be accompanied by the excellent Tiffany Foster and probably by the 2008 Olympic Champion and 2016 bronze medalist, Eric Lamaze.
The two-time winner of the Spruce Meadows and Aachen Majors, Philipp Weishaupt, is also in the German short-list for Tokyo; there are still eight candidates. He will be in Chantilly alongside Hans-Dieter Dreher who knows the Great Stables arena well, having won a 5* Grand Prix there.
This is also the case for Olivier Philippaerts and for the recent winner of the Rolex Grand Prix 5* of Knokke, Jérôme Guery, who will be happy to return to this arena alongside Gudrun Patteet and Wilm Vermeir for Belgium. Jérôme Guery is officially one of the four Belgians selected riders for Tokyo, this will be his second participation in the Olympic Games.
These are only a few examples of a list that is far from being exhaustive and definitive. Fourteen nations and four continents will be represented at the Masters of Chantilly. Many riders will have Tokyo in their sights, such as Ireland with Rolex Testimonee Bertram Allen, member of the Irish Olympic selection, Israel with Daniel Bluman, and Spain with Eduardo Alvarez Aznar.
The list of participants is not yet complete, but these names alone are enough to confirm that this first edition of the Masters of Chantilly promises to be outstanding from a sporting point of view. The Rolex Grand Prix on Sunday at 3:00 pm will be a memorable apotheosis after four days of competition and 24 classes of all levels, in the most beautiful historical setting in the world for show jumping.

Press Release the Masters of Chantilly
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