The rise and rise of Rural Tourism in Italy.

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The statistics confirm and highlight the positive trend in rural tourism. Over the past 12 months it has been estimated – according to the agricultural associations Agriturist-Confagricoltura, Terranostra-Coldiretti and Turismo Verde-CIA – that more than 1 billion euros has been raised in revenue.
To continue there have been over 3 million tourist arrivals for a total of 12 million overnight stays in Italian holiday-farms. Of these, the greatest share, which is about 40%, is made up of families. However, a growing market share is coming in the form of young couples who are attracted by the activities on offer such as hiking, cooking classes etc. The over-65s category have also shown increases: the green areas of the Italian peninsula offer them the ideal place to relax and unwind.
There have also been different trends registered between foreign tourists and Italians. The former group prefers to book well in advance (1 or 2 months) and stay for several days (on average up to 6/8 nights). The latter for a shorter amount of time (2/3 days) and often takes advantage of last minute deals. Although the Internet is the most popular way of booking, word of mouth remains important too and breakfast appears to be high on the request list.
In  addition to the good food and contact with nature, the warm welcome, close contact and almost family-like atmosphere between the host and guest is also of great importance to those who choose a rural holiday.
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