The Sunshine Tour will bring together more than 2.000 horses and 400 riders from 40 countries

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The Sunshine Tour will bring together more than 2.000 horses and 400 riders from 40 countries during seven weeks of competition at the most significant equestrian tour in Europe
The competition will be celebrated behind closed doors without public, with a strict security protocol established by the Higher Council of Sports
Dehesa Montenmedio is ready to host the XXVII Edition of the prestigious Sunshine Tour, the most important equestrian tour in Europe, which will bring together more than 2.000 horses and 400 riders from 40 different countries from the 9th of February until the 28th of March during a competition that will be held following strict security protocols established by the Higher Council of Sports and the Spanish Equestrian Federation to avoid any risks associated with COVID-19.
The main novelty, apart from the imposed strict measures due to the pandemic causing the competition to be held without an audience and behind closed doors, is that it will have an additional week compared to previous editions. Therefore, the total will be 7 weeks of international competition, with a total of 38 ranking classes, in which more than two million euros in cash prizes will be distributed.
The Sunshine Tour is a show jumping competition that has become a true international benchmark, held in the largest equestrian facilities in Europe with over twenty grass and sand competition arenas.
The XXVII Edition has the institutional support and sponsorship of the Andalusian Regional Government, The Cadiz Provincial Council and a large group of prestigious companies, as it is a competition with great media coverage, followed by 200 countries, with an estimated television audience of more than half a million viewers.
In addition, it generates a great economic impact in the La Janda region, with an estimate of over 40 million euros and generating almost 1.200 employments, counting both direct and indirect, according to a study made by the University of Cádiz.
The Sunshine Tour complies with the action protocol established by the Ministry of Health and the Higher Council of Sports for the celebration of sports events, which allows all competitions included in the official calendars to be held. In addition, it is recognized as being part of the International Equestrian Federation calendar, whose dates are already locked, and having qualifying competitions for the European and World Championships and the Olympic Games, that includes them as part of an international sports planning, that must be respected.
In order to guarantee your entry without any risks, the organization has established a strict procedure following the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, the Higher Sports Council and the Spanish Equestrian Federation, which establishes the competition to be held without public and behind closed doors, the obligation of the participants to have a negative test 72 hours before arrival, the limitation of people with access to the venues, the installation of air purifying systems, the disinfection several times a day of all common areas, as well as, of course, the obligation to use a mask and hydroalcoholic gels and to maintain a safety distance.

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