The top earners in 2016

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Let’s look back now at the top horses for 2016 in terms of earnings with For Pleasure ranked in Holland as one of the best and richest thanks to the number of victories accrued by its offspring. The stallion’s offspring include the likes of Fit for Fun (Luciana Diniz), For Joy van’t Zorgvliet (Kevin Staut), Finou (Aaron Vale), Flora de Mariposa (Penelope Leprevost), Epleaser van’t Heike (Christian Ahlmann), E-Muze YEK (Simon Nizri) and Barron (Lucy Davis).
Five of the horse’s offspring were born and bred in Belgium: four at the BWP studbook and one at the SBS studbook. For Pleasure’s offspring overall earned 2.818.592 euros in 2016 thanks in particular to the feats of Hello Forever (Scott Brash), Epleaser van’t Heike (Christian Ahlmann) and For Joy van’t Zorgvliet (Kevin Staut).
Tracing the roots and origins of For Pleasure it’s hardly a surprise to see its offspring performing so well. For Pleasure’s father was Furioso II, one of the greatest stallions of all time, and during its career For Pleasure won a number of medals including two Olympic golds.
Behind For Pleasure though in the list of top horses we find the selle française Diamannt de Semillly with an impressive earnings of 2.706.545 euros thanks also to the achievements of one of its offspring Don VHP Z. The bronze on the other hand went to Cornet Obolensky with 2.651.923 euros.

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