The War Horse musical moves from Holland to Belgium.

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The musical War Horse, which takes its inspiration from Michael Morpurgo’s novel, is continuing to have extraordinary success. After its latest stop-off in Holland, the crew’s next destination is Belgium and to be more precise the Stadsschouwburg Theatre in Antwerp.
The shows in Belgium will begin on the 17th of May and will go on for a number of weeks. For those that are not familiar with War Horse, it was originally a novel by Michael Morpurgo which was also turned into a film produced by Dreamworks and directed by Steven Spielberg. Both, just like the musical, enjoyed great success.
War Horse is the story of Albert and his much loved horse Joey. Albert raised Joey but sells him to the Army because of the First World War. The main character though isn’t Albert but his horse and the story is told through all of his experiences from the good to the sad. Joey’s companions are also involved in the plot and with whom Joey shares his adventures leading to an intense and moving ending.
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