This weekend: Rome ready for Piazza di Siena, events also in Austria and Germany

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Piazza di Siena is finally upon us. The Master fratelli D’Inzeo dello CSIO5* of Rome will start tomorrow, Thursday 20th March, for what will be the 83rd edition. 20 Italian riders have been called up by coach Hans Horn and four of these will take to the arena on Friday for the Furusyyia Fei Nations Cup.
The horses started arriving yesterday morning accompanied by their grooms.
Another interesting event will take place in Austria, at Magni Racino, where the last few preparations are taking place for the start of the CSI4* on Friday 22nd May which acts as qualifying for the next European Championships in Aachen 2015.
The event will be streamed live on Magna Racino TV –
There is a four star event also taking place in Germany, in Wiesbaden. It is the event organised by Wiesbadener Reit und Fahr Club e.v.
While in France a CSI3* takes place in Bèthune where only one Italian, Emanuele Camilli.
There is also a CSI3* scheduled in Lexyngton, USA where the riders will be taking part in the Split Rock Jumping Tour.

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