To Be Animals raise awareness against horse slaughter

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Death row.
There is a market for trafficking animals including over 50,000 horses as well as foals which each year make a hellish journey to the abattoir in Italy for slaughter.
They are taken from abroad, mostly from Poland and the journey by truck takes two days of 2,000km to their final destination in the slaughterhouses of Puglia in southern Italy. It can only be described as horrific as the animals are crammed into small spaces, at times injured and they are understandably terrified.
There are checks at the Italian-Slovenian border where veterinarians carry out controls and allow the cargo to progress. The trucks contain around 20 animals transported in accordance with standards and once they arrive at their destination they are put in metal cages where they are administrated the coup de grace to the forehead, hung by the lower limbs (many times not yet dead), bled, gutted and dissected.
Following the post mortem examination they become the meat for consumption which is then distributed in butcher shops, a video filmed and disseminated by the environmentalist “Essere Animali“ (To Be Animals) highlights the cruelty that lurks behind the trade.
The video is not for violations of the law of the transport of animals for consumption but to raise awareness among consumers of meat who can then make a choice.
It is a very strong video, that would make us think especially after the data concerning the consumption of horse meat in Italy, although it is decreasing our country, remains the one per capita: 1 kg per year for every citizen according to the latest data.
Consumption is also widespread in France, while in other countries it is considered a taboo as in Britain or the United States.
Something seemed to change in 2013 when former Minister Michela Vittoria Brambilla presented a bill that aims to stop the slaughter of horses but as yet it has not been passed.
So this is why there is a petition at which has reached 11,503 signatures and goal is to reach 20,000.
Click here for the petition page:…

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