Totilas out of European Dressage Championship in Aachen

Totilas 1

The European Championships in Aachen lost Totilas for the remainder of the competition after the horse of the German dressage rider, Matthias Alexander Rath, was withdrawn.
German Chef d’Equipe, Klaus Roeser explained that the measure was taken to protect the horse as after the ride in the Grand Prix the team studied the videos again in the evening. On analysing the videos, an irregularity in the movements of the horse’s left hind-leg was noticeable. After the initial examination, no visible cause was recognisable, so it was not possible to explain this irregularity.
Trude Hestengen from Norway on Tobajo Pik Disney will take the place of Totilas and Rath in the Grand Prix Spécial.
Starting order for individual dressage:

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