Trevor Breen: a journey through the equestrian world

Trevor Breen - IRL - on Highland Presindent - Speed and Handiness - Fei Jumping European Championship - Milano 2023

Trevor Breen‘s remarkable journey in the equestrian world has spanned decades, filled with a profound love for horses and a commitment to excellence in show jumping. In this comprehensive exploration of his experiences, we delve into Trevor’s beginnings, his impressive career, the evolution of the equestrian sport, and his vision for the future.

A Childhood Steeped in Horses

Trevor’s connection with horses was nurtured from an early age. He fondly recalls, “I started riding when I was about

five… My father grew up on a farm, and he always had horses.” His father’s influence, stemming from a farming background and a passion for hunting, laid the foundation for Trevor’s lifelong journey in the equestrian world.

This early exposure ignited Trevor’s passion for these magnificent creatures. His journey commenced with ponies and hunting, where he developed a deep understanding of horses’ behavior, needs, and the thrill of equestrian pursuits. It was the spark that would eventually lead him to the world of show jumping.

A Late Bloomer in the Grand Prix Scene

Unlike some riders who take a more direct route to the grand prix circuit, Trevor’s equestrian journey followed a unique path. “I didn’t jump my first grand prix until I was twenty-six,” he confessed. His journey included pursuing a university degree and gaining experience in the business world before fully committing to equestrian pursuits.

This patient and deliberate approach paid off as Trevor gradually ascended the ranks in show jumping. His impressive career includes numerous notable achievements, with highlights such as appearances in the European Championships showcasing his skill, determination, and remarkable journey.

A Proud Moment at the European Championships

Trevor recently participated in the European Championships, marking his first championship at any level. “It was great to do the European Championships… especially on a homebred horse,” Trevor shared with pride. His partnership with Highland President, a horse he has known his entire life, was evident in their stellar performance.

Trevor’s measured approach to producing his horses contributed to their success. He emphasized the importance of patience and consistency, nurturing his equine partners from an early age, which in turn fostered trust and a profound connection.

Breeding: a side interest. First of all the bond between rider and horse

While Highland President is a homebred horse, Trevor doesn’t consider himself a professional breeder. He clarified, “We buy from his mother, and we’ve had some very good ones from her.” Breeding remains more of a side interest than a central aspect of his equestrian business.

However, the success of horses like Highland President serves as a testament to Trevor’s keen eye for bloodlines and the role that breeding can play in the creation of top-level show jumpers. It is a reflection of his holistic approach to the sport.

Trevor emphasized the significance of the bond between a rider and his horses. “I’ve had him [Highland President] his whole life, so I know him as well as he could be,” he expressed. This deep connection influences their performance and fosters trust and understanding.

In the high-stakes world of show jumping, this connection is not only heartwarming but also integral to success. Trevor’s intimate knowledge of his horses enables him to bring out the best in them, both in training and in the competitive arena.

Promising Prospects in the Stable 

Beyond Highland President, Trevor has exciting prospects in his stable. Highland President’s brother, Kannendro, an eight-year-old talent, is a horse with immense promise. Trevor’s patient approach to producing horses is evident in Kannendro’s development, and he holds high hopes for this rising star.

Additionally, Trevor recently partnered with  ABC Cortana Cruise, a promising mare with a pedigree of success. Despite having her for only a short time, Trevor sees great potential in her, and her performance is one to watch in the coming seasons.

Trevor’s philosophy for keeping his horses content is grounded in routine. “Just generally keeping them happy, going out in the mornings, then riding them,” he shared. He also incorporates outdoor activities like paddock time and hacking when the weather permits, prioritizing his horses’ well-being.

This commitment to their happiness and well-being extends beyond the training arena and competition circuit. It reflects Trevor’s deep respect and affection for these remarkable animals that are his partners in both work and play.

Evolving Equestrian Landscape 

Reflecting on the changes in the equestrian world since he began his career, Trevor noted several significant developments. “There have been a lot of changes. Compared to when I started riding now there are better shows, improved facilities, increased prize money,” he observed. The sport has grown in stature, attracting more participants and enthusiasts. However, he also mentioned that travelling costs and expenses have increased notablywithin the last years.

Trevor also highlighted the growing emphasis on client relations and training. He pointed out that many riders and trainers are now offering a more comprehensive package, including training for clients and their horses. This shift underscores the holistic approach to horsemanship that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the sport.

However, Trevor also raised concerns about the challenges posed by post-Brexit travel costs. These increased costs have impacted the ease of international competition and are an ongoing consideration for riders and the equestrian industry at large.

breen trevor IRL highlandpresindet 2day 31 1
Trevor Breen – IRL – on Highland Presindent – Jumping Comp. over two rounds without Jump Off – Fei Jumping European Championship – Milano 2023

Trevor Breen’s ongoing journey within the dynamic equestrian realm is marked by a resolute commitment, extensive expertise, and a forward-thinking approach to the sport. With a wealth of experience cultivated through years of dedicated practice and competitive endeavors, Breen stands as a seasoned and accomplished equestrian athlete.

In an equestrian landscape characterized by perpetual evolution, encompassing shifting training methodologies, evolving competition standards, and dynamic horse-care practices, Breen’s vision for the sport emerges as truly visionary. His adaptability, coupled with a profound understanding of the intricate relationship between rider and horse, positions him as a steadfast source of inspiration for those enthralled by the captivating world of show jumping.

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