Verona receives visit from Andrea Bocelli

Bocelli Verona 1

Italian tenor and recording artist Andrea Bocelli has paid a visit to Verona as part of the equestrian extravaganza Fieracavalli 2016.
Speaking at the event in the northern city, the Italian star said the following: «I once said horses were my passion but truth be told it is much more than that! They are wonderful animals, great friends, a source of help, a way to relax… the best there is.»
Bocelli, who has always been tied to the equestrian world and from today is also an ambassador, added: «The relationship between humans and horses is over a thousand years old. History has been made on horseback and continues. We cannot ignore this.»
As part of his visit, the talented musician and singer-songwriter also stopped by to see the Fieracavalli Association for Spanish breeds declaring: «Someone once said that beauty will save the world and the horse is one of the most beautiful creatures there is.»
SOURCE: Pressoffice
photo credits Foto Veronafiere ENNEVI
IN THE PHOTO: Andrea Bocelli and Maurizio Danese

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