Veterinary: a new formula to measure the weight of foals found in Chile.

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From research carried out in Chile comes a new method to estimate the weight of a foal, with a new formula meaning it is now more practical and easier to monitor the growth of our little ones.
But let’s take a step back. It’s very important to regularly check-up on the weight of foals, not only to monitor their growth rate, but also for the right dosage of anthelmintic drugs in general.
The most accurate and precise method remains the Gold Standard scale, but should this not be possible, vets resort to visual estimation. The results however more often than not are imprecise and approximate while the belt scales are not designed to be used for foals under 6 months.
Generally, a calculation is made based on measures of the various parts of the body, and while it is a system that can be implemented for significant results on adult horses, it is not indicated for foals in the growth phase.
The new method meanwhile comes from the Concepcion University in Chile, and a research paper has been published in Veterinary Record, and it requires just a single measurement to be taken of the foal. This comes from the circumference of the chest, measured just behind the elbow and 2.54 cm from the highest point of the withers, right after the foal has breathed out.
Following this system, Dr. Rodriguez and his team of researchers assessed the weight of 80 foals between 50 and 250 kg, and from their analysis, a formula was drawn up that could revolutionise the weight calculation system.
This method is not as accurate as that described by Staniar, which also includes the measurement of the length from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttock, the length of the front left leg and the circumference of the knee, but this new method has the advantage of being practical and applied quickly.
SOURCE: Journal of British Veterinary Association.

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