Veterinary: hinds, Part Two

arti anteriori e postreriori 1

From the book by Dr. Vittorio Meschia “The lameness in the horse, learn to understand“
Side forelimbs version
The gravity line starts from the central part of the high forelimbs and descends by dividing in equal parts the lateral face of the limb to reach the outer bead.
Lateral posterior version
There are two. The first line starts from the point of the buttock, down the tangent to the hock, shin, fetlock and falls vertically at the rear of the plinth.
The second line starts from the hip joint and goes down and divides in equal parts at the hoof.
Front limbs version
The line runs from the tip of the shoulder and, dividing equally at the anterior limb, before falling to the centre socket.
Caudal Hind limbs vision
The line starts from the point of the buttock, it descends divided equally the hind limb and falls in the middle of the hoof.
Vertebral column
To analyze the alignment in the spine we can imagine a line running from the archway jaw, and ends above the coccygeal vertebrae.
The book: “The lameness in the horse, learn to understand“ Dr. Vittorio Meschia, Horse srl publisher.
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