Veterinary Science: a warning about acorns

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For those who have a stable near a wooded area, we suggest that you pay close attention to the presence of acorns.
During the summer months there is nothing more pleasant than to let your horse roam freely, but be aware of areas located near oak trees. In fact, the fruit that comes from oaks (the acorn) is a toxic food for the majority of farm animals, with pigs the only exception.
The acorn contains toxic tannins that cause ulcerations in the digestive system of horses and cattle while also causing kidney failure.
Statistics from the UK show that there were at least 90 victims between ponies and cattle in 2013 in the New Forest of Verderers alone.
However, these are abnormal figures as the number of casualties rarely exceeds 30 annual deaths from this cause.
If you have a stable in the vicinity of an oak tree, always check that there are no acorns. If there are acorns present make sure you collect them immediately.

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